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The Barn at Checkmate Miniature Horse Farm.Thank you for your interest in Checkmate Farm and our American miniature horses.

We are located on a small farm in Dalton, Georgia.  We would like to personally invite you to visit our farm and learn more about these wonderful little AMHA miniature horses .

Checkmate Farm was established in 1988 with the goal of producing top quality World Champion miniature horses.  Our world champion miniature horse bloodlines are known around the world.

What makes the miniature horse a special part of our lives is the kind, loving, attention-seeking personalities they have.

They are safer than full-sized horses for all ages. They are a great Our daughter Lauren as a young child with her miniature horse.way for a young child to enjoy horses without the danger and expense of a full-size horse.

If you are looking to purchase your first miniature, start a small (but profitable) breeding venture, or add quality bloodlines to your herd, we would love to introduce you too the wonderful world of miniatures.

Also while your here check out our Great Pyrenees guardian dogs. These gentle giants make a great child's best friend as well as a protection dog for your minis. Occasionally we will have puppies for sale.


Rody, Beverly, and Lauren Whitener
Checkmate Miniature Horse Farm
Members of The American Miniature Horse Association and
The American Miniature Horse Registry

Call 706-581-7084

Lauren today with a Great Pyrenees.   Our home at Checkmate Miniature Horse Farm.

Another view of the farm.   Lauren loves her miniature horse!

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